Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Birthday Party Part 1

I wanted to have a camp out for my party, but it is very windy! So now I get two parties.
We got all dressed up. I wore my favorite t-shirt. Do you recognize it?
You can see it better here. 
This is my balloon.

I got three big bags of presents! 
 The first one had a car in it.
 And a skateboard
 I look good on it.
 It's firey like me.
 These are cards Nintendo has made for over 100 years.
 Now I can listen to my Taylor Swift music all the time.
 Two to go.
 I picked the other one from Mom.
 There was a neat book inside the Pokeball.
 I fit inside the Pokeball!
 And a lamp, so I can do my homework.
This one is from Dad!
It was a broken, pink car and some paint. He says it's a project. 
We had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. I lit the candles and made Mom blow them out.
 The cupcakes were the same colors as me! 
 Then we read the book together.
 And played around.
I will tweet the other pics of us playing later. Bye! Thanks for reading about my party.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Milkshake's First Adventure

Two weeks ago, Mom woke up all of us early (for a Saturday). She asked who wanted to go on a trip for the day. Poutine decided to stay home with Tini. Milkshake and I got ready to go!

We rode for a while. Louie and Dad sang silly song. The trees, mountains, and rocks were pretty. We ate lots of snacks. Milkshake fell asleep.

Then we got to Barter Joe's. It was a game store with old things.

I met R.O.B. there. I was a little starstruck. Dad and Louie bought some games, then we went to the mall.
 In the mall, there was another store called GameCycle. They had a R.O.B, too! I remembered to introduce Milkshake this time.
We really want this Nintendo 64, but it was not for sale.

 They had games from Japan!
 And lots of old systems and games.
This was the best thing in the store. Louie wanted to get it, but then Mom wouldn't have fit in the car.
 On the way home, we got food.
 I got a Ruben.
Milkshake ate LOTS. Two pastas, a sandwich, and a flatbread! 
Then we found another mall with a Vintage Stock. It was big and bright. The ones at home are small.
Here we are back home with all our new games and things. I wonder if any of these are for my birthday. It is next week!