Saturday, October 31, 2015

My First Halloween

 We got dressed up really early today. 
 Small Fry was Toad. Poutine was Fire Princess Peach.
 I was Fire Mario.
 Milkshake was Baby Bowser.
 Tini was Wiggler. It was not her first Halloween, but it was her first costume.
First we went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts. Then we went home until dark. Then we went around to some houses. When we got home Louie scared Mom on stream. We have TONS more candy! This is just what fit on the chair.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Introducing Milkshake

 I wanted to wait until I knew who this was from, but no one will tell us. 

 A few weeks ago, I got a package in the mail! Inside, I heard movement so I opened it fast. There was another Cyndaquil inside! He was very tired and confused, and he didn't remember much from before I opened it. He said he came from over an ocean. We talked to him and decided to call him Milkshake! Now I have three Cyndaquil friends-Small Fry, Poutine and him.

We still don't know who sent him. There was nothing else in the package. The return address is a warehouse. If you know, tell me so I can thank them!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Looking for Dad (and his Lab)

Friday night, Dad was at the lab late.  REALLY late. I missed him. I tried to dress like him but it didn't help. So, I went to his lab.

The path was dark, so I hurried between lights.

The door looked different at night. I didn't like it, but I was brave.
I walked slowly, just in case. 
I couldn't remember where his lab was in the building. So I went up the stairs.
I searched the halls.
The doors were all locked.
I heard footsteps- NOT dad's foot steps.
I ran. Then I saw an opened door. I hid until the footsteps stopped.
Then I found an elevator.
I went to a window. Dad was outside! I knocked on the window. He looked up, then came to get me. I didn't get to see his lab. I think I will try to again in the day time. I wonder what he does there.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Best Friend

Have you noticed that there is another Cyndaquil with me sometimes? Her name is Poutine. She came back from Canada with us to help me. I found her in a tree.

I headbutted it so she fell out. Mom caught her in a Pokeball, but then we let her out.

Now we are best friends.

She's nice but sometimes too brave. 

Still, I am glad she is here. I like having someone to be my Trick or Treating partner. She is smart and tough from being wild.
Now my Princess is always in the same castle as me. She even lets ME fight Bowser sometimes. She usually does because she is my body guard.

I have two other Cyndaquil friends. I will write about them soon.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My First Two Adventures

This is the very first picture my mom took of me. I wasn't very good at posing. I got much better after she took lots of them. I like pictures. They mean I can look at old adventures. I go on adventures all the time. My first adventure was going home with mom and dad. We traveled from southwest Arkansas, then central Arkansas, then back to northwest Arkansas to visit their families. It was fun, but the pictures are not very good.

I was better at pictures on my second adventure. We went to Taco Bell. I thought all the Fire sauce was for me. I really like hot sauce. My dad makes my favorite food with it- sauce chips! I will make him tell me the recipe so I can tell you about it.

He uses tastier sauce that fire sauce. I still like the fire sauce sometimes. I ate cheesy bean and rice burritos on that adventure. Now I like Quesoritos and Mt Dew. 

After that adventure, I took a nap. I was very young so I needed lots of naps. I am almost 1 now so I don't need as many.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How my Adventures Started

A long time ago, my mom burned her arm while cooking a veggie burger. It had ice on one side and she didn't see so all the oil popped up. It was a bad burn. She played Pokemon Silver while it was healing. She named her Cyndaquil Veggieburger because she thought it was funny since he could burn you bad.

About a year ago, I hatched in a Walmart. The workers were loud. They scared me.

I found toy Cyndaquil and was very still and quiet so they thought I was a toy too. They put me on a shelf. A man with a beard and hat bought me. I stayed in his car for a long time. I ate sandwiches and fries that he didn't finish.
He gave me to his mom. She gave me a collar and put me in a bag. Then someone opened it- it was mom, but I didn't know her yet. She was happy to see me and realized I was real. Everyone was surprised. They told me my name was Veggieburger because of her game. She started taking me everywhere with her.