Saturday, October 3, 2015

How my Adventures Started

A long time ago, my mom burned her arm while cooking a veggie burger. It had ice on one side and she didn't see so all the oil popped up. It was a bad burn. She played Pokemon Silver while it was healing. She named her Cyndaquil Veggieburger because she thought it was funny since he could burn you bad.

About a year ago, I hatched in a Walmart. The workers were loud. They scared me.

I found toy Cyndaquil and was very still and quiet so they thought I was a toy too. They put me on a shelf. A man with a beard and hat bought me. I stayed in his car for a long time. I ate sandwiches and fries that he didn't finish.
He gave me to his mom. She gave me a collar and put me in a bag. Then someone opened it- it was mom, but I didn't know her yet. She was happy to see me and realized I was real. Everyone was surprised. They told me my name was Veggieburger because of her game. She started taking me everywhere with her.