Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So tired!

I planned to have a kinda late post on Monday for you, but things happened.
We had some fun on Monday, then went to the airport.

We had everything we needed. I kept up with my boarding passes and everything.

Then our flight to Chicago was delayed.

We had good company. They were nice even though they were having a worse time than us. If you are reading this new friends, be sure to tell us how your trip went after this.

 Some of them had been there for over a day! And had flown all day the day before that!!!

 We were VERY happy to get on the plane.  I took this of mom and dad.
Then they said the flight was canceled. Mom and Dad got in a long line and talked to people on the phone. First, the phone people said we had to drive to Boston on the 30th or wait until the 31st. Then a nice lady named Andrea A looked on her computer and found us a weird flight on Tuesday.

So we went to the airport on Tuesday for our 2:12 flight. It was delayed because there wasn't a flight crew.

But they got there! This was our plane.

It flew us to Memphis.  We ate burritos and walked around some shops there.

I saw this in Memphis. More about it later.

Then we flew to Dallas. I didn't get a good picture there because we were only there long enough to take a potty break.
Then we got to Tulsa!

And found out it snowed a lot there while we were gone. Poutine, Milkshake, and I heated the inside of the car while Mom and Dad scraped this off. Then we went home. I will post all about Christmas later. Really, we didn't have our just us Christmas yet so we have one to go.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holidays are TOO BUSY!

Mom has been getting us ready for a trip all week. She made more shirts and dresses. Then she planned matchy days. Then she made more shirt and vests. Then she packed again. Now I think we have EVERYTHING in the pokeball because she is nervous. She forgot to take pictures. Better post next week.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

After Thanksgiving

 After Thankgiving, (but not on Black Friday because YUCK!) we got dressed up and went to see Santa.
 First we got a picture with a tree in the mall.
 Then we found the best mall Santa! We told him all the toys we wanted. He said we were both on the nice list. I wonder how you get on the naughty one? Not that we did anything bad this year....
 Then we put on Christmas sweaters and helped decorate before heading home.

PS: Milkshake was with dad, so he will post about what he did later.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


The holidays are so busy! I am sorry I didn't post.

For Thanksgiving, we went to a farm! Ok, not a real farm. Just grandma's and grandpa's house in the country.
But, they did have a tractor.
And neat plants, like mustard greens.
Herbs like rosemary.
And brocolli!!! My favorite vegetable!
They had logs to play on.
And neat hiding places.
We collected leaves and played outside.
Then we helped cook.
Most of mom's family is vegan so we shared a tiny "turkey" with grandpa. We cooked it ourselves