Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So tired!

I planned to have a kinda late post on Monday for you, but things happened.
We had some fun on Monday, then went to the airport.

We had everything we needed. I kept up with my boarding passes and everything.

Then our flight to Chicago was delayed.

We had good company. They were nice even though they were having a worse time than us. If you are reading this new friends, be sure to tell us how your trip went after this.

 Some of them had been there for over a day! And had flown all day the day before that!!!

 We were VERY happy to get on the plane.  I took this of mom and dad.
Then they said the flight was canceled. Mom and Dad got in a long line and talked to people on the phone. First, the phone people said we had to drive to Boston on the 30th or wait until the 31st. Then a nice lady named Andrea A looked on her computer and found us a weird flight on Tuesday.

So we went to the airport on Tuesday for our 2:12 flight. It was delayed because there wasn't a flight crew.

But they got there! This was our plane.

It flew us to Memphis.  We ate burritos and walked around some shops there.

I saw this in Memphis. More about it later.

Then we flew to Dallas. I didn't get a good picture there because we were only there long enough to take a potty break.
Then we got to Tulsa!

And found out it snowed a lot there while we were gone. Poutine, Milkshake, and I heated the inside of the car while Mom and Dad scraped this off. Then we went home. I will post all about Christmas later. Really, we didn't have our just us Christmas yet so we have one to go.