Saturday, October 24, 2015

Looking for Dad (and his Lab)

Friday night, Dad was at the lab late.  REALLY late. I missed him. I tried to dress like him but it didn't help. So, I went to his lab.

The path was dark, so I hurried between lights.

The door looked different at night. I didn't like it, but I was brave.
I walked slowly, just in case. 
I couldn't remember where his lab was in the building. So I went up the stairs.
I searched the halls.
The doors were all locked.
I heard footsteps- NOT dad's foot steps.
I ran. Then I saw an opened door. I hid until the footsteps stopped.
Then I found an elevator.
I went to a window. Dad was outside! I knocked on the window. He looked up, then came to get me. I didn't get to see his lab. I think I will try to again in the day time. I wonder what he does there.

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