Sunday, October 11, 2015

My First Two Adventures

This is the very first picture my mom took of me. I wasn't very good at posing. I got much better after she took lots of them. I like pictures. They mean I can look at old adventures. I go on adventures all the time. My first adventure was going home with mom and dad. We traveled from southwest Arkansas, then central Arkansas, then back to northwest Arkansas to visit their families. It was fun, but the pictures are not very good.

I was better at pictures on my second adventure. We went to Taco Bell. I thought all the Fire sauce was for me. I really like hot sauce. My dad makes my favorite food with it- sauce chips! I will make him tell me the recipe so I can tell you about it.

He uses tastier sauce that fire sauce. I still like the fire sauce sometimes. I ate cheesy bean and rice burritos on that adventure. Now I like Quesoritos and Mt Dew. 

After that adventure, I took a nap. I was very young so I needed lots of naps. I am almost 1 now so I don't need as many.