Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Birthday Party Part 1

I wanted to have a camp out for my party, but it is very windy! So now I get two parties.
We got all dressed up. I wore my favorite t-shirt. Do you recognize it?
You can see it better here. 
This is my balloon.

I got three big bags of presents! 
 The first one had a car in it.
 And a skateboard
 I look good on it.
 It's firey like me.
 These are cards Nintendo has made for over 100 years.
 Now I can listen to my Taylor Swift music all the time.
 Two to go.
 I picked the other one from Mom.
 There was a neat book inside the Pokeball.
 I fit inside the Pokeball!
 And a lamp, so I can do my homework.
This one is from Dad!
It was a broken, pink car and some paint. He says it's a project. 
We had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday. I lit the candles and made Mom blow them out.
 The cupcakes were the same colors as me! 
 Then we read the book together.
 And played around.
I will tweet the other pics of us playing later. Bye! Thanks for reading about my party.

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